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    Napoleon at the Crossroads - The Highways to Leipzig 14 August - 25 October 1813

    Campaigns of Napoleon System "2X." Very similar to the "1X" Series, 6 km (3.75 miles) per hex, 3 days per turn, 3,000 men per strength point.

    The full Autumn campaign lasts just 24 turns. Scenarios cover the decisive start of the campaign in August 1813, the Crossing of the Elbe at Wartenburg in mid Sept, and the approach to Leipzig starting on October 8th.

    COMPONENTS: one 22 x 34" map; 56 pages of rules including campaign analysis, designers notes and more; 10 player aid cards (Organization Displays, Leader & Unit Manifests, March Set-up Tables that allow set-up on various dates); one box.

    GAME SYSTEM: CAMPAIGNS System - Series 2X = 6,000m/hex, 3,000 men/SP, 3 days/turn.
    Awards & Honors

        2006 Charles S. Roberts Best Wargame Graphics Nominee



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