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12 fotos ORIGINAL MOTION PICTURE SOUNDTRACK - TIMES SQUARE - DOBLE ALBUM VINILO ORIGINAL 1980 RSO RECORDS USA (Música - Discos - LP Vinilo - Bandas Sonoras y Música de Actores )

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    Dos adolescentes neoyorquinas, de clases sociales y educación muy diferentes, se hacen amigas en la institución mental en la que están ingresadas y deciden escapar juntas. Las chicas convierten la zona de Times Square en su hogar, donde se juntan con gente bohemia y marginados. Ambas, compartirán numerosas experiencias y formarán parte de una banda de música punk. Su sueño de libertad, sin embargo, pronto se ve amenazado… La película tiene  una banda sonora de punk rock y new wave con una gran variedad de artistas como Ramones, The Cure, XTC, Lou Reed, Gary Numan, D.L. Byron, Talking Heads, Suzi Quatro, The Ruts, Roxy Music, Boomtown rats, Marcy Levy, Patti Smith y The Pretenders.


    All songs produced 1980 except as noted.

    Side one
    1.Suzi Quatro: "Rock Hard" (Mike Chapman, Nicky Chinn) – 3:18
    2.The Pretenders: "Talk of the Town" (Chrissie Hynde) – 3:16
    3.Roxy Music: "Same Old Scene" (Bryan Ferry) – 3:54
    4.Gary Numan: "Down in the Park" (Gary Numan) – 4:20
    5.Robin Gibb and Marcy Levy: "Help Me!" (Robin Gibb, Blue Weaver) – 3:37

    Side two
    1.Talking Heads: "Life During Wartime" (David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz) – 3:40
    2.Joe Jackson: "Pretty Boys" (Joe Jackson) – 3:27
    3.XTC: "Take This Town" (Andy Partridge) – 4:08
    4.Ramones: "I Wanna Be Sedated" (Joey Ramone) – 2:29
    5.Robin Johnson: "Damn Dog" (Billy Mernit, Jacob Brackman) – 2:40

    Side three
    1.Robin Johnson and Trini Alvarado: "Your Daughter Is One" (Mernit, Norman Ross, Brackman) – 2:10
    2.The Ruts: "Babylon's Burning" (John Jennings, Dave Ruffy, Malcolm Owen, Paul Fox) – 2:34
    3.D.L. Byron: "You Can't Hurry Love" (Edward Holland, Jr., Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland)– 3:04
    4.Lou Reed: "Walk on the Wild Side" (Lou Reed) – 4:12
    5.Desmond Child and Rouge: "The Night Was Not" (Child) – 3:08

    Side four
    1.Garland Jeffreys: "Innocent, Not Guilty" (Garland Jeffreys) – 2:13
    2.The Cure: "Grinding Halt" (Robert Smith, Michael Dempsey, Lol Tolhurst) – 2:49
    3.Patti Smith Group: "Pissing in the River" (Patti Smith, Ivan Kral) – 4:41
    4.David Johansen and Robin Johnson: "Flowers of the City" (David Johansen, Ronnie Guy) – 3:58
    5.Robin Johnson: "Damn Dog" (Reprise - The Cleo Club) (Mernot, Brackman) – 2:40

    Times Square: The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a 1980 soundtrack album of mostly new wave and punk rock, from the film of the same name. One song from the film, "Dangerous Type" (1979) by The Cars, was not included on the two-LP album.

    The movie's release was accompanied by a double album soundtrack of punk rock and new wave music. The soundtrack comprises pre-existing songs as well as original songs commissioned for the film, and features a wide range of artists including The Ramones, The Cure, XTC, Lou Reed, Gary Numan, Talking Heads, Garland Jeffreys, Joe Jackson, Suzi Quatro, Roxy Music, Patti Smith and The Pretenders.

    The Suzi Quatro track, "Rock Hard," is identified in the film as being Nicky and Pamela's favorite record. The disco song "Help Me!", which plays over the film's closing scene, is a duet between Robin Gibb (of The Bee Gees) and Marcy Levy, and was one of the songs added to the film without the consent of Allan Moyle. The song "Down in the Park" is credited as being performed by Gary Numan although, technically, it was recorded when Numan was using the band name Tubeway Army. The version of "Down in the Park" included on the Times Square soundtrack is not the album/single version from Replicas (1979), but an earlier version of the song that would later be released on Numan's Replicas Redux (2008).

    The soundtrack also features original songs sung by the film's actors, "Damn Dog" by Johnson, "Your Daughter is One" by Johnson and Alvarado, and "Flowers of the City" by Johnson and David Johansen. The song "Dangerous Type" by The Cars features in the film, but was not included on the soundtrack.

    As a compilation of some of the most important New Wave and punk music from the era, the Times Square soundtrack achieved far more notoriety than the film did on its release. It also became a collectors' item among fans of XTC, because it included the specially-written XTC track "Take This Town", which for many years was only available on this soundtrack.

    In his audio commentary for the Times Square DVD, Allan Moyle mentions that David Bowie was commissioned to provide a song for the movie's soundtrack, but Bowie's label at that time wouldn't let the filmmakers use it. (At the time, Bowie was still under contract with RCA Victor Records, and the Times Square album was issued by RSO Records, at the time distributed by RCA Victor competitor PolyGram; however, it's notable that Lou Reed, who does appear on the album, was also under contract to RCA Victor.) Desmond Child has mentioned in a magazine interview that he collaborated with David Bowie on the song "The Night Was Not" (the song did appear on the Times Square soundtrack, performed by Child's band, Desmond Child & Rouge). Another rumour is that Bowie intended to provide a re-recorded version of his 1971 song "Life on Mars?" for the Times Square soundtrack. It has not been confirmed whether or not Bowie re-recorded a studio version of "Life on Mars?" in 1980.



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