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Plan B / Who Needs Actions 2006 ( DOBLE LP ) !! NUEVO Y PRECINTADO !!!!!!!

2 fotos PLAN B / WHO NEEDS ACTIONS 2006 ( DOBLE LP ) !! NUEVO Y PRECINTADO !!!!!!! (Música - Discos - LP Vinilo - Grupos Españoles de los 90 a la actualidad)

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    es el primer trabajo de estudio de Plan B. Who Needs Actions When You Got Words fue editado por el sello 679 Artists


    Plan B

    Who Needs Actions When You Got Words

    Brand New UK Sealed Double Vinyl LP.

    Heavy Weight. with free 7"sealed

    Cuando piensas que has escuchado un disco muy bueno y vas a cambiar el disco de repente te das cuenta de que ha OTRA CANCION...que empieza increiblemente bien y continua mejor todavia, y por un momento te planteas darle la matricula de honor al disco, pero piensas: " que coño, un sobresaliente, si quiere la matricula que se presente en septiembre a subir nota! o lo que lo mismos, que saque un disco igual o mejor" (esto ultimo más que un deseo es una petición o mejor una exigencia...)
    El tema es Who Needs Actions, para mi un tema simplemente perfecto, donde acaba de confirmar totalmente que la formula de plan b funciona, creando el mejor tema del disco.
    Estribillo siemplemente perfecto y una facilidad y unas estructuras envidiables...me gusta tanto que os lo dejo en 3 versiones diferentes, donde se le ve cantandolo solo con una guitarra acapella y en directo con una banda de musicos.

    A Brit-bred Slim Shady? Another The Streets? He'll be sold to you as both and although the Mike Skinner comparison is a lazy untruth, with his bold debut Plan B (aka Ben Drew) leaves the former trailing in terms of raw impact. This white boy tale-spinner from East London does owe an awful lot to Eminem, from the quick-spat-take-that fury of his microphone style (quasi-American accent to boot), to the bounce of his backing tracks, to taking the role of participatory narrator, devil's advocate and instigator. But every aspect that's been neutralised, parodied or packaged to turn Mathers into a one-man industry is exaggerated and left red-raw here, with an added vulgarity that must be sending Mary Whitehouse's obscenity antennas cuckoo as we speak.

    "Tough Love" is one of the clearest reasons for the Eminem comparison, recalling in tragic detail one set of parents' perverse sense of discipline and the ensuing death of their daughter. One thing that sets him apart though is avoiding the solely self-referential cataloguing of his own existence, instead seeing the wider world and all of its wounds from his perspective. It's no mistake that he sounds like he's stolen Zack de la Rocha's tongue in "No More Eatin". But this is no international project - in his own words, his style is "like Little Mo getting raped and keeping the baby instead of getting it aborted". The only thing that should stop this from going supanova is not having Dr Dre on speed-dial and Radio 1 not owning a durable enough bleep-machine. --James Berry

    1. "Kidz"
    2. "Sick 2 Def"
    3. "No Good"
    4. "Dead and Buried"
    5. "Mama (Loves a Crackhead)"
    6. "Charmaine"
    7. "I Don't Hate You"
    8. "Everyday"
    9. "Tough Love"
    10. "Where Ya From?"
    11. "No More Eatin'"
    12. "Missing Links"
    13. "Couldn't Get Along"
    14. "Who Needs Actions When You Got Words"

    The double 12" vinyl release of this album contains 12 tracks, negating "Everyday" and "Dead and Buried" from the above. Also, Sick 2 Def is an Alternative version to the one included on the CD version. An initial run of the album also included a limited additional 7" record, the tracks included on this were;

    1. "Breakdown" (featuring The Earlies)
    2. "Dead and Buried"



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