The Geography of Tourism and Recreation - Routledge - FIRTS EDITION - Hall & Page (1999)

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Hall, C. M., & Page, S. J. (1999). The Geography of Tourism and Recreation. London: Routledge. FIRTS EDITION

The geography of tourism and recreation. Environment, place and space by C.M. Hall and S.J. Page. Routledge, London, 1999. No. of pages: xvii + 309. ISBN 0 415 16006 9 (paper back).

This book presents an introduction to tourism, leisure and recreation and to the relationships between them. It includes a number of international case studies spanning Europe, North America, Australasia and Asia. Each chapter highlights the methods of analysis used by geographers to analyze recreation and tourism, and highlights the similarities and differences between the way recreation and tourism is analyzed. Recent perspectives developed in human geography are introduced (e.g. gender studies and post- modernism) and a range of chapters examine: the demand of recreation and tourism; the supply of recreation and tourism; the impacts of recreation and tourism; tourism and recreation in urban and rural environments; tourism and recreation in wilderness areas and other peripheral regions; tourism and recreation planning and policy; and the future for tourism and recreation.

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